Point-of-Care Ultrasound Strategy, Education, & Support

Build a sustainable system.

Improve patient

Increase your

Common Challenges


Some clinicians haven’t been trained, while others are out of practice. Without the necessary experience, they may lack confidence to use this life-saving technology.

Technical Infrastructure

Without the ability to archive images or document findings properly, hospitals can’t get reimbursed for POCUS services without facing legal consequences.


When organizations don’t have a point-person to architect the system, manage upkeep, or ensure compliance, quality declines and revenue is lost.

How We Help

standard of care.

Proper use of POCUS has been shown to increase positive patient outcomes. Clinicians can diagnose patients more quickly and accurately. Plus, complication rates decrease, and throughput is improved.



Develop clinician training.


Create QA protocols.


Increase system usability.

Increase reimbursement.

When hospitals archive images, they can legally bill for services. Better workflows and staff training make it easy for clinicians and institutions to get reimbursed for point-of-care ultrasounds.



Create an IT framework.


Improve documentation.


Develop billing processes.

Solutions That Work

We understand things get busy and committee approvals take time. That’s why we’re committed to developing solutions that work in real life.


From simpler workflows to airtight processes, we set your team up for long-term success.


With achievable goals and a realistic timeline, we’ll help you reach your targets quickly.


We have interdepartmental experience and the know-how to navigate large, complex systems.


Our process is tailored to your institution’s needs and level of complexity.

Meet the Founder


Zakharchenko DO, FACEP, RDMS

Dr. Zakharchenko is a board-certified emergency physician specializing in point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). She is passionate about improving quality of care through this life-saving technology.

Dr. Zakharchenko completed comprehensive ultrasound fellowship training at an esteemed NYU program. She went on to become an ultrasound division director and built complex systems from the ground up.

After seeing how a high-quality POCUS program helped patients, clinicians, and hospitals, Dr. Zakharchenko was inspired to help more organizations realize its benefits. Throughout her career, she has trained hundreds of clinicians on proper POCUS use. She has also collaborated with the CMO, executive offices, and the Joint Commission on a variety of initiatives. She has worked to advance this field through published research articles and as a contributor to national guidelines published by the American College of Emergency Physicians.

In her free time, Dr. Zakharchenko powerlifts, spends time with her partner, two sons, and volunteers locally and internationally.

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